Vanpa 300W Solar Power Station - One Year Later

We have been using our Vanpa Power Station for a little over a year now. It has accompanied us on almost all our trips as well as having been used at home in places without a power plug point or during power outages.

If you remember our post when we purchased the Vanpa, we had opted for the 300W, 600WH variant because it suited our budget and suited the type of devices and appliances we would use. But, was it a wise choice? Was it worth the money we spent?

One of the main reasons we chose the Vanpa Power Station was because of the size. We had been using our home made Lead Acid Power Stations before the Vanpa. They were heavy, bulky and took up a lot of space. The Vanpa Power Station however, was light and sleek. It fitted in small spaces when we travelled and could be placed next to me when we slept in the back of the 4WD. There are two lights at the front of the unit which was handy when we needed to search for something at night or had something to do in the car.

Another reason the Vanpa Power Station was our choice was because of the large battery capacity. 600 WH/150,000 mAH is a lot. We usually had 2 fans running while we slept, and there was always sufficient power even when we had charged our phone and camera batteries, as well as run fans and lights at the general area where the group gathered for meals. Even on our 3D2N trips, we rarely had to recharge the unit’s battery. The Lead Acid batteries were rated at 45 AH for one, and 35 AH for the other, Problem is that we could only use 50% of the capacity. Even when we brought both batteries, the total rated capacity was 80 AH, but we could only use 50% of that without risking damage to the batteries. The Power Station allowed us to us 80% of the charge, which worked out to 480 WH. 

Is there anything that we think the manufacturer could improve on?

Well, it would be great if the unit came with more 12V output connectors. 
It would be helpful if we could still use the unit while it is being charged.
The unit should come with a car charger as well as a solar charging cable.

So, was our purchase a wise choice? Did we spend our money well?

The answer to both questions is a definite YES! It was one of our better choices as the Vanpa Power Station has made our lives more comfortable both off grid as well as in the home, especially during power cuts. We can still run our fans and lights while waitingfor the electricity to be restored. And when we need to work an appliance in a part of the house where there are no plug points available, the Vanpa Power Station provides a source of AC power to do the work.