Ulu Tamu New Campsite 2022

New campsite at Ulu Tamu

It has been a long time since we have been to the Ulu Tamu campsite. Located about an hour’s drive north of Kuala Lumpur, Ulu Tamu has a number of attractions for tourists or the weekend adventurer. Among these is the Ulu Tamu Falls, Hot Springs and a number of Eco Resorts.

We prefer a relaxing camping trip next to a cool river, under the shade of some tall trees. This place has recently become popular with 4WD groups, and you may find lots of vehicles and campers coming here, especially on weekends.

This trip was no exception. The main area was taken by a big group of off road campers. Fortunately, we remembered that a person had recently camped at a secluded spot not too far from this site. Luckily for us, not too many people knew about it and it was just perfect for our small group of 5. 

The trail in from the main road to the first river is accessible to most vehicles. There is an open space where you can either use for day trips, or camp just next to the river. But the trail beyond the river requires the use of 4×4 vehicles. You will encounter areas along the trail with deep ruts. In wet weather, the trail will be slippery for vehicles with standard highway tires.

This trip, the water at the first river was shallow, and crossing it was no problem. But when it rains, the water level can quickly rise with strong currents, making the river crossing dangerous.

The trail after the first river had deeper ruts than the last trip we had made there. But as our vehicles were raised, there were no issues. Just before you reached the second river, there are two sections where the trail was under water. Crossing them was no problem but if you had to stop somewhere in the middle of the flooded trail, you would have to encounter a very strong stench from the stagnant water.

The second river was very shallow at the point where we crossed. Just after this river is the Ulu Tamu campsite. There were campers both to the left and right of the trail. Just after this is an open area where you could setup camp, but as there was no shade, it would be very hot. We drove on to the area where we hoped the secluded camp spot would be. We found it hidden away from view. It was small but could fit 4 vehicles if you had to. This spot was just perfect for us as there were 5 of us in 2 rigs.

On this trip, our guest was on her first trip to an off road campsite. It was very exciting for her as she was only used to going to campsites that was easily accessible to all cars. This time she could relax and enjoy nature. And fortunately for us, she was also a good cook. What we didn’t know was the special treat she had in store for us. For dinner, she surprised us with Wagyu beef , barbequed in different styles, grilled one serving at a time. She also had other seasoned meat and buns for us to enjoy. Dinner was truly delicious.

This trip was what we needed to get away from the heat. We had a private place to camp, along with our own section of a river all to ourselves. The company was great, the food was delicious, and we all had a great time. And the great part is that this place was not too far from home so we could come back anytime we wish.