Sungai Terengganu Mati Merdeka Trip Day 6

Sg Terengganu Mati Merdeka 2020

This would be our final day for this trip at Sungai Terengganu Mati. Our task this morning is to get the lead car started and to repair the track in front of the vehicles. Two of the guys would work on getting the rig started so that we can continue on our journey, Alicia and I would find a spot to cook breakfast, while the rest would repair the track as well as cut off a protruding tree trunk that had damaged a few of the rigs on the way in. We managed to find a level spot on a higher piece of ground just next to the trucks. We set up two stoves and started to prepare two local delicacies, Nasi Lemak with eggs and Ikan Bilis (Anchovy) sambal, as well as Roti Canai with dhal curry. The cooking was done on the ground as there was no proper place for a table and also due to the fact that we could not get what we needed out of the trucks.

In the distance we heard the sounds of chainsaws and then the sound of an engine come to life. That means that the stalled rig is now working again. We should be able to start moving again after breakfast. When the guys completed their tasks, they came down for breakfast and the much-needed hot coffee.

The track ahead had dried out from the rain on the third day. As we drove on, we recognized familiar trails and landmarks that told us we were not too far away from getting out of this place. Then we met some guys on bikes who seemed to be looking for us. It seems that our friends who had made it out earlier had asked them to come in and look for us. They brough some food and cold drinks for us. They looked at the two trucks and laughed, saying that they had never seen a truck coming up to Terengganu Mati before. We introduced ourselves and began to chat for a while. As we still had some distance to go, we started off again.

There were still some difficult stretches ahead, but after the past 5 days, they were relatively easy in comparison. A vehicle belonging to one of the groups we saw on the third day had flipped on its side here so we can’t be complacent. The time for taking it easy is when we get to the main road.

There was a spot on the trail where we could admire the beautiful scenery of the hills in the area. After taking some photos and looking back at the hills we just came down from, we started on the last leg of the journey. By the time we reached the logging camp, it was around 4.30 pm. We took more photos and videos to document our achievements and started heading for the river where we washed our vehicles. Then we moved on to the other river where the water was cleaner and had a bath there. Soon it was time to head to town for dinner and then to start on the highway for our 6-hour journey home.

This is one trip that we would not forget anytime soon. It’s not for the inexperienced off roader as the dangers of getting stranded without anyone to help is very real. This trip there were many people using the trail, as it was a long weekend due to the additional holiday. The last trip Alicia and I came to this place, we did not see anyone else.

There are lots of elephants, wild boars, deer and some tigers and other jungle cats in the area. This trip, we heard the roar of two tigers but did not see any elephants. The tigers and other animals will avoid contact with humans, but the elephants will attack at the slightest provocation.

The experience one gets from coming here will definitely make him or her a better off road driver or ‘jumper’. The challenges thrown at you are many and varied. You have to know what to do in each situation if you are to come out safely. Winch when you are stuck if the first three attempts fail. You will avoid damage to your vehicles this way. Even with the experienced people in our group, we broke a CV, a propeller shaft, snapped 3 winch ropes, had tires come off the rims 8 times, and had scratches and big dents in the body of our vehicles.

We brough tents but never had a chance to even open any in the 6 days we were there. We missed a few meals and had irregular times for meals. We were also covered in mud most of the time.

But with all that, we had a great time. Everybody worked together like a well-oil machine, getting things done safely and efficiently. With teamwork like that, we can get through anything.

So, would we go back to Sungai Terengganu Mati again? Well… of course! Just as soon as this Covid pandemic lets up and we can move freely again. The next trip we will have to find a new challenge.