Pos Keding/Pos Tenau

It had been 3 years since our last trip to Ulu Slim. The journey that had a mix of light off road and hardcore trails was no longer what we were used to. The trail we are referring to is the trail leading to Pos Keding and Pos Tenau.

Pos Keding in 2006:

The first river crossing along the trail. There is a bridge over this river that you could use but where is the fun in that. The images below show what the trail to Pos Keding and the campsite looked liked during our trips there between 2006 to 2013. 

On our recent trip, however, there were lots of changes.

Pos Keding Now (2016):

It looks like the authorities are planning to build a road all the way to Pos Tenau. Now even a normal car can go as far as the Pos Keding campsite without much problem. The river is not as deep as it used to be but hey, it’s still a thrill for the first-timers. What used to be an open campsite is now gated. If you want to camp here, you have to pay a fee. The toilets have been relocated from beside the river to the entrance. You can see that a chalet is being constructed.

As the campsite was booked by another group of campers, we decided to find another site further up the trail.

It was fortunate that one of the guys in our group remembered an old campsite hidden from view along the trail to Pos Tenau. The whole time the place was lighted, you could hear the loud sounds of the numerous Cicadas that inhabit the place. But once it was lights out, it was peaceful enough to drift into a deep sleep.

The next morning, we decided to venture further up the trail to Pos Tenau. It used to be a very hardcore trail but with all the development that was taking place, we decided to see how the changes affected the trail. We had a stock Ranger in our convoy with HT tyres. A decision was made that if it could not make it through the trail, we would turn back.

The images below will give you an idea of what the trail was like then.

Pos Tenau in 2006:

The images you see above shows the trail to Pos Tenau on a good day. Imagine what it was during the rainy season. These days, this is as tough as it gets. The Orang Asli Village has not changed much. However, if you want to visit this settlement, it would involve 2 simple river crossings.

We had a young couple who were experiencing their first time off road in their stock Ranger. The river is very shallow but the kids especially, loved it just the same.

The trip was not at all what we expected, but the whole group had lots of fun. Shudder to think what the place will look like once the developments have completed.

Till our next destination!

Pos Tenau Trail Now (2016):