Perting Waterfalls Trail

If you are thinking of a trip that is not too far away from KL, Perting is just the place to be. The entrance is about an hour away from KL along the old Bentong road. You will pass the Bentong Hot Spring that is open to the public. Many people come to this hot-spring to enjoy the healing benefits of the water.

As you travel further along the road, you will see a sign that marks the entrance to the Perting Valley Adventure Camp. This is where we turn off to head to the Perting River campsite.

Although there is another trail that can be used by cars up to a certain point, followed by a trek to the waterfall, the trail we use can only be traveled on by 4WD vehicles.

Even though the trail is relatively easy, there is a deep ravine on one side of the trail that may be a problem during the rainy season when it becomes slippery.

The most difficult part is a small ditch you have to cross just before the first campsite. Once you cross this hurdle, the campsite makes it all worth the effort. There is even a tap with running water from the river beside the campsite. This campsite is big enough to accommodate about 20 campers.

For those who love to push your 4WD vehicles, the trail after this campsite becomes more difficult. Just after the first campsite, there is a trail that turns off to the right leading to the Perting Waterfalls (Lata Hammers). You have to leave your vehicles at the side of the trail and trek downhill to the falls area.

Overall, Perting is a very nice place for a short holiday in the outdoors. Definitely a place to come back to more often.