Perting Revisited

Our last trip to Perting was in March last year. Since then, the trail has changed from a relatively easy trail to one that is now considered difficult for the average off road enthusiast. The recent monsoon rains and the use of centipede tires by hardcore off roaders have taken their toll on the trails, making them slippery with more deep ruts.

There is now a barrier across a very narrow trail leading to the falls and campgrounds. You are allowed to enter but please follow the instructions given. A sign placed there asks visitors to replace the barrier once their vehicles have crossed.

On this trip, we had one participant who had his last camping trip around 50 years ago. That was the time when you had to carry all your equipment in a backpack and hike to your camping spot. Imagine not having a 4-wheel drive vehicle to carry all your comforts of home (well, almost all).

Another couple had not been camping for some time and was making their first off road trip in a beautifully maintained truck. The driver was even going in with an injured hand.

The first gully is the most difficult part of getting to the first campsite. Shorter vehicles will find it easier while the longer trucks may have a problem without the placement of logs. In situations like this, a winch and snatch block can help get you out of sticky situations.

But once you get through this hurdle, you will find the campground very spacious. It even has running water. We had spaghetti for lunch in the middle of nowhere. Now, that’s our kind of camping! Now that lunch is over, it’s time for big boys’ fun.

So this is what an off road camping adventure is all about. Morning marks the start of another adventure filled day. After breakfast, it’s time to head for the waterfall they call Lata Hammers. There was a fallen tree blocking the trail, but even that won’t keep us from the falls! The trails uphill were much easier compared to the trail leading to the waterfall. And after all that work, we finally reach our destination. Lata Hammers!