Our Adventures

Snorkels allow you to undertake river crossings without water entering your engine. But this only works well if the snorkel is specially designed for your vehicle, and has been properly fitted with tight seals. Even though air snorkels allow you to cross deep rivers, you need to take into consideration the vehicle’s wading depth rating

Many of you who have a standard 4WD vehicle would like to try driving off road but feel that your vehicle is not capable enough for off road use. You may have tried the easy trails and are now ready to tackle the more difficult ones.

Off road driving is lots of fun, but it can be dangerous not only to beginners, but to seasoned drivers as well. Even if you are trained to handle difficult situations on the tough trails, mishaps sometime happen that we just cannot avoid, or when we take things for granted.

But if you are planning to do some serious off-road driving, there are some items you just need to have. The first piece of gear that the serious off roader would think is a must, would be a winch.

This would be our final day for this trip at Sungai Terengganu Mati. Our task this morning is to get the lead car started and to repair the track in front at the vehicles.

This stretch of the tracks were the toughest when we came in. If yesterday’s changes to the trail was an indication, things would be very tough today.

Well, we did what they said couldn’t be done. We brought not one, but two pickup trucks to the top of Terengganu Mati!

We have an estimated 6 km to go. 6 km on the highways is just over 5 minutes of driving, but here on this trail, it can take you hours.

The 1st Day at Sg. Terengganu Mati was nothing as what we imagined. Having been here 4 years ago, we expected to have reached the campsite at the end of the first day.