A Recce During The Monsoon Season

It had been raining part of the day before and throughout the night. It was still raining when we started our journey at around 7 am. It only stopped about 20 minutes before we reached the start of our off road trail.

Trails that were relatively easy during the dry season can give you lots of problems during the monsoon season. But for those of you who enjoy going off road and facing challenges, that’s when the fun begins.

We had heard of the existence of a waterfall about 40 minutes away from where we had camped before, and decided to try to find it. We expected the trail to be muddy and prepared for the worst.

The trail started out easy, but 15 minutes in, there were fallen trees blocking our path. Out came the chainsaws and 10 minutes later, we were resuming our journey.

Our next challenge was getting up a slippery slope. Only one rig managed to make it all the way to the top without winching. The other three vehicles had to winch their way up as there was no traction and the rigs were sliding out of control.

We also had to cross a river which was fast flowing. A quick check of the river-bed showed that it was safe to cross.

We traveled until we reached a dead-end but did not see any sign of the waterfall, so we decided to camp along the trail by the river.

By the time the campsite was ready, it was time for lunch. The menu for this trip was Portuguese mango curry for lunch, grilled lamb chops for dinner and seafood croissant sandwich for breakfast. And, of course, we had lots of snacks and tit-bits in-between.

We broke camp around 10 am as the weather did not look too good. But we found that the trail back was worse than the day before.

Well, we did not find the falls, but we had a fantastic time with good food, great company and lots of challenges.

The smiles say it all!