Making a Portable Camping Toilet

Some of us would like to take our families or lady friends on our camping trips. Unfortunately not all ladies are willing to answer the call of nature squatting behind a bush. But fear not, this article may solve that problem.

Here’s how you can make your own portable camping toilet.

Step 1.

Get a Commode chair for disabled people.

You can get this at the pharmacy. They don’t cost much and come with a small bucket underneath complete with a cover. If you do not want to clean the bucket each time, the next steps will be an easier alternative.


Step 2.

Get an old paint bucket, clean it and cut a hole at the bottom.

You can normally find discarded buckets at construction sites. This bucket fit nicely under the commode seat once you remove the small bucket that comes with the seat.

Step 3.

Line the inside with a biodegradable garbage bag after you have cut out the bottom of the bag. Tie or tape one end of the bag to the top of the bucket and pull the other end out from the hole at the bottom.

When you go camping, dig a hole and place the toilet over it. Bury the part of the bag around the hole so that the opening is not blocked and the bag is tight inside the bucket. This is to allow for easy flushing with water when you have finished.


Step 4.

You can close the area for your toilet with a plastic tarp or get one of those toilet/changing pop-up tents. Place a bucket of water inside next to the chair and you are good to go.

Now you have a portable toilet ready for the ladies whenever you go camping. The chair folds and the bucket prevents any mess to the legs. Cleaning up is easy too. When you are done, detach the top of the bag and push it into the hle. Because you had buried the bottom part of the bag, you can lift the chair and the bucket and the bag slides down. The next step is to cover up the hole.

You could also line the bucket with a few bags so that you can relocate your portable toilet to a new spot as soon as the old spot is filled-in. Just make sure you do not bury the bottom part of the underlying bags.

Happy Camping!