Lasah – Gerik Adventure

This trip, we decided to team up with another 4WD group. Although we were ready for almost any rough terrain adventure, we were surprised that the vehicles from the other group were mainly stock vehicles with little or no modifications done. Many were carrying families with small children. It’s great to see families wanting to enjoy adventures in the outdoors.

We met up with the other group in Ipoh, where we had breakfast before proceeding for Sg. Siput. We left the trunk road at Lasah and headed onto the jungle trail to Gerik with a convoy consisting of sixteen vehicles.

The trail we took was an easy one (which explained the presence of the stock vehicles in the convoy), with only one vehicle getting stuck at the only river crossing along the journey.

Although it would have been easier to tow it out from the back, the truck had no recovery points there to attach a tow strap or winch hook. Towing from the front produced no results too as the vehicle’s tires were buried deep in the mud. After many attempts, we finally managed to winch it out from the front.

We were hoping to reach a river and then to a lake that the expedition leader had told us was a good fishing spot. Unfortunately, the last time he was here was more than ten years ago and the terrain had changed a lot since then.

Although we spent the whole day exploring all the trails, we did not manage to find the river or lake where we had planned to camp at. Fortunately the trail was very scenic and the children were in high spirits and enjoyed the journey. When the sun set, we decided to leave the other group and head on to Lenggong for the night.

If you are planning on taking this trail, be careful as there are many elephants in the area. We found lots of elephant droppings all along the way. There were even electric fences in certain areas to keep them from destroying the vegetation. Also, ensure you have a good guide along. Getting back to the main road can be very tricky. If you do get lost, you could always hire one of the Orang Asli to guide you out on their motorcycles.

The next day, we headed to Gopeng for durians and a picnic along a mountain stream before heading back to KL.

Till our next adventure…