Kongkoi, Jelebu

This is an old trail close to the Lata Kijang Waterfalls in Negeri Sembilan. It is a relatively easy trail and a few of the cars in the group had on Highway Terrain tyres. Even so, be prepared for scratches on your vehicle’s body due to the overgrown vegetation on both sides of the trail.

The most difficult part of the whole trip was the river crossing. As there was no rain the day before, all the vehicles made it across without any problems.

The camp site is on the trail itself. Most of the trail is only wide enough for one vehicle to pass through at a time. In the years that this group have been coming here, only once did they encounter another group using the trail. We chose a site that was wide enough for two vehicles to pass. This spot had a path to the river which was about 20 meters down the side of the trail.

It rained the whole night that we were there. The cool air made sleeping very comfortable. The rain also helped wash away the dirt from the dusty road before the trail.

Due to the rain the previous night, the river crossing on our return proved difficult for most of the vehicles as they did not have the proper tires.

This trail would be fun for the beginners to 4WD adventures. But ensure that at least one vehicle has a winch to perform a rescue should anyone fail to make the river crossing.