Enjoying the Great Outdoors

A majority of the people in the big towns and cities have never experienced spending a night camped out in the jungle. A large majority of those who have, would tell you that it was an exciting adventure staying in the outdoors, breathing fresh air and swimming in the cool mountain streams. And the peacefulness of the environment makes you forget the stress of the rat-race.

And why is it that there are still so many who have never tried it?

The biggest reason is the fear of not knowing what to expect. They think of the mosquitoes, leeches, snakes and whatever wild animals out there waiting to attack them. Well, apart from the mosquitoes and leaches, snakes and other animals are more afraid of us and will try to avoid us as far as possible. Mosquitoes are not much of a problem as a good campfire keeps them away. There are also a wide variety of repellents that you can purchase to keep these pests at bay. As far as leeches are concerned, there are anti-leech socks available. Salt or tobacco also does a good job.

Another reason people don’t get into the outdoors is time. They have so many other activities or work commitments that leave them without time for this great form of relaxation. They would rather choose a day of shopping, relaxing at the club or just staying at home to rest. This will still give them time for their other chores. If you want a really good relief from stress, or are tired of the daily routine, you should try a weekend camping trip next to a refreshing mountain stream.

Many people, ladies especially, find that the main deterrent is that there are no public toilets in the jungle. The good news is that there are now shower tents and portable camping toilets that you can buy or make to give you that added comfort on your outdoor adventure. They are relatively cheap and do not take up much space.

Another big reason to avoid camping in the jungles is that the family car will just not take you to the great spots. In most cases, you need to have a 4×4 vehicle that has been specially modified to face the different terrains such as potholes, rocks and mud. There are trails that force you to make river crossings that only 4 wheel drive vehicle can handle. These days there are many groups that will organize trips to take people on jungle adventures. These are experienced professionals that are trained to handle any situation that may occur on the outings.

So, there really isn’t any reason that you should avoid a camping trip in the outdoors. It’s different, exciting, relaxing and refreshing. On many of these trips, you will experience an adventure that you will remember and talk about for a long time.