Dokio 100W Foldable Solar Panel - Best Budget Buy

We were looking to replace our 1-piece 100W solar panel with a foldable 100W panel for some time now. Our present solar panel was fitted on the roof rack of our rig. Problem was that whenever we were in the town areas having a meal at a restaurant or getting supplies for a trip, we were afraid that the panel would be stolen. Another issue was that in certain places, low lying branches and bamboo would make the use of a roof rack a problem. The third reason was that if we used another vehicle, there would not be enough space to fit the large panel in the car.

Having a foldable solar panel meant that the unit could fit into the trunk or back seat of a car. It also enable us to park in the shade with the solar panel out in the sun with the ability of easily moving it around to get the most sunlight throughtout the day.

Foldable solar panels were so much more expensive compared to the 1-piece models. Fortunately, we managed to find the Dokio 100W collapsible solar panel which was very affordable while being able to perform as well as our old 100W panel.

The Dokio 100W, 18V Collapsible Solar Panel is easily transported as it fits in most car trunks or back seats. A nice sturdy carrying handle makes it easy to carry around.

Dokio 100W foldable solar panels come with a solar charged controller on the back of one of the panels. The wires for the panel and battery connection have already been connected. All you need to do is to connect to a battery using the crocodile clips, and connect your load. The load is whatever 12V equipment you want to power, such as light bulbs, a 12V fan or battery chargers for your equipment.

Instead of connecting a battery, you can also connect a power station. The solar panel wires need to bypass the solar charge controller as power stations usually have built in controllers. Just connect the solar cables to the input jack of your power station and plug it in to the unit to charge it.

Watch the video below.

Here’s what we like about the Dokio Solar Panels:

It’s small enough to fit into a car and light enough to be carried with one hand.
It performs as well as other 100W solar panels.
It comes with 2 adjustable stands.
The corners are protected by plastic protectors.
A canvas bag for the panels is included in the package.

Here’s what we thought could be improved:

The solar charge controller is difficult to read once the panel is proped up on the stands.
A detached controller could be mounted nearer the battery for better performance.
The kickstands could be firmer.

Our Conclusion:

The Dokio 100W foldable panels performed according to our expectations. And unlike many solar panels from China that only deliver a small fraction of the power they are rated for, Dokio delivers what it promises. If you get the right supplier, Dokio panels are very affordable (we have the link below). It’s great for those camping trips to give you the comforts of home. Although it can be taken hiking, the weight tends to feel heavier the longer you carry it.

All things considered, the Dokio 100W collapsible solar panels is a great buy.