Camping in Malaysia

Camping in Malaysia can be a real experience. With the large area of tropical rain forests and various flora and fauna, you can be sure of seeing new things on each of your outdoor visits. And when we say outdoors, we do not mean the many commercial camping sites where you share the grounds with 50 other campers all cramped into a small area.

The great camping spots are those that can only be accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicles. These are the areas where the landscape is still unspoilt, allowing you to enjoy the inhabitants of Mother Nature. If you are lucky, you may have the chance of seeing wild boars or even an elephant or two.

The tropical forests are a favorite for photographers. There are so many subjects to shoot such as butterflies, scorpions, snakes, birds and other reptiles, insects and animals you may never see in your everyday urban life.

If you are camping by a mountain stream, the sound of the flowing water is so soothing that you forget all your problems and really relax. Add the sounds of the birds, insects and the wind blowing through the trees and you have the best treatment for relieving stress and hypertension. What’s even better is when you take a dip in the cool, clear water.

Remember the fun you had when you had friends and family over for a BBQ? Well, it’s even better when you are in the outdoors sitting around a campfire sharing stories and jokes. It’s really fun cooking over a log fire, enjoying your favorite food, drinks and the company of close friends and relatives.

Sleeping in tents protect you from the bites of insects. But if you really want to enjoy the cool night air in the jungles, it’s better to sleep on camp-beds under a fly-sheet or tarpaulin.

If you love to have other activities, you could go trekking through the forest, swim, visit an orang asli village, do some bird-watching or experience a bit of off-road driving.

If you would love to experience a camping trip in the Malaysian rainforests, but do not have the right vehicle or know where to go, do not hesitate to contact us. We will arrange an unforgettable adventure for you and your party. Just let us know how many of you there are and your preferences and we will do the rest.