Bidor Offroad Adventure

Bidor is a small town along the trunk route to Cameron Highlands. It is about 10km before the foothills at Tapah. Bidor is a popular stopover for tourist and travelers. The Pun Chun Restaurant along the main road of the town, is famous for its signature duck noodles and homemade Chinese biscuits.

The campsite that we went to is only accessible by 4×4 vehicles. The forest around Bidor holds more interesting trails for off road enthusiasts and campers. The trail is a bit difficult in certain areas and not recommended for the novice off-roader without the accompaniment of seasoned offroad drivers. But if you enjoy the challenges and love the outdoors, you will enjoy these trails. There is even a river crossing to add to the fun.

As usual, we camped beside a stream so that we could enjoy a dip to relax and forget the stress of working life.

But it seems that there are plans to develop this stretch of trails in the near future. With so call “development” to make the trails more accessible to all, it also means the end of the beauty of the place. We have seen so many places destroyed by irresponsible people who leave their rubbish strewn all over the place. We only hope that that does not happen.