About Us

4Wd Adventure Malaysia is a group of off road and camping enthusiasts who like an equal share of off road challenges with nice campsites next to a cool flowing river. We take whatever opportunity we can to just get out to the jungles for some relaxation and fun.

Our adventures range from following easy trails to exploring and conquering tough tracks. The end goal is to reach the campsite, setup camp and then enjoy delicious food and a cool, refreshing dip in the river.

With every trip we make, more new faces are seen joining us to share an experience that many will never experience. A number of these new faces have now become regulars.

Many of the guys and gals who participate in our adventure campings have either never been camping, or have not been camping in a long while. And travelling off road in a 4 wheel drive was a real experience. Before their first trip into a jungle with the team, they had expectations of wild animals running around, insects ready to bite and suck the blood out of them, or snakes under every bush waiting to strike. They also expect to sit in the dark and cook their meals over a campfire, as well as look for a tall bush or boulder to hide behind, to answer the call of nature. But camping has changed a lot since the days of the “A”-tents and hiking along jungle trails to get to that perfect camping spot.

On the trips, there are comfortable tents, proper lighting systems, tables and chairs, as well as a pop-up toilet tent. As far as meals are concerned, we have cooks with experience in running a restaurant as well as in catering. You can be assured that everyone who participates in the adventures are safe and have a good time.