A New Site in Bentong

It’s a pity that most of our regular camp sites have had the trails done up so that more vehicles have easier access to them. The results are that camp grounds become crowded and inconsiderate campers leave their rubbish all over the place. The other downside to it is that the trails no longer provide a challenge for off road enthusiasts.

In one of our recent exploration for new sites, we came across a nice little hideaway somewhere in Bentong.

The river was cool and clean, as we were at a spot almost to the top of a hill.

The camp site can accommodate around 20 campers, provided the vehicles are parked away from the site. There was some work to be done before we could pitch our tents.

But the best part of camping is the food. Our menu for this trip was a little bit more interesting. We had oxtail stew for lunch. Dinner included sweet-sour crab, fried calamari, butter prawns, xiong tong lala and sambal cockles. Breakfast was nasi lemak with chicken curry.

As usual, everybody had a great time.

We don’t know how long more before development comes to the area and destroys this natural camping ground, but we plan to enjoy it as long as we can.