A Day With the Orang Asli

Labour Day this year was in the middle of a three day long weekend holiday. Rather than spend this holiday with family and friends, a group of individuals decided to bring some cheer to an Orang Asli village. They got together a group of 24 like-minded men, women and children to join in the adventure.

The day began at 6 am in front of a popular shopping complex in Petaling Jaya. As soon as the whole group arrived, they and their precious cargo of essential foods and treats were packed into nine 4WD vehicles to head for Pos Tenau.

The first stop was at the town in Ulu Slim, for breakfast. After breakfast, we headed for the Ulu Slim Hot Spring.

The journey up to Pos Tenau was interrupted at certain spots as the excavators were clearing soil from the trails. This gave the group a chance to stretch their legs and take-in the view.

Once we reached the top, the group quickly set up the tarps and table for lunch. Within minutes of setting up, the crowds began to gather. Food, used clothing and other goodies were handed out to the villagers.

The Orang Asli were even entertained by a very special, talented young man. Everyone joining in the tug-o-war for lots of fun and prizes.

Then it was time for the group to relax and have fun.

It started to rain at around 3 pm, so we decided to pack up and head for home. The rain made the trail slippery and that added to the thrill of going off road.

Till the next project. This trip will hold sweet memories for a long time to come.