3 Essential Camping Gear at Budget Prices

We are going to look at 3 essential camping gear you should not be without when going camping. These items are among the most affordable when compared to others on the market.

When going camping, especially on those trips that involve being off grid for more than a night, comfort makes a difference. You may want to have lights, maybe a fan or two, or even music. And if you are planning to have great meals, you need to be sure that your food stays fresh until you are ready to cook them. So, what gear do you need for this?

The first item we are going to look at is the Alpicool T50 Portable Fridge Freezer.

The Alpicool T50 Portable Fridge Freezer runs on power from a 12V or 24V battery or from a 220V AC source. The great feature about this model is that it can be a refrigerator, freezer, or both at the same time. It has a dual zone removable partition for freezer and refrigerator, as well as dual temperature controls.

The Alpicool T50 has a freezer temperature setting of -12°C and a refrigerator setting of 0.5°C. Its minimum temperature is -20°C. On startup, it draws 60W of power to cool the unit and then drops to 40W.

To help keep enough power in your battery to start the car, the Alpicool Fridge Freezer has a 3-stage low power detection that shuts of when a pre-determined low power level is reached.

The unit has dimensions of 28.5 x 14.2 x 18 inches, with a weight of approximately 34 lbs. when it is empty. It comes with 2 foldable handles with one being longer than the other, so that you can pull the unit on the two wheels at the bottom of the unit. 


The T50 can be charged via a wall plug, car cigarette lighter charger, or by solar panels. You can even keep it running with a solar power station.

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The next item we will be looking at is the Vanpa 300W Solar Power Station

A solar power station allows you to run DC devices as well as AC devices. You can charge batteries, have lights, fans, a rice cooker or even an oven toaster, as long as it does not exceed the power capacity (in this case, 300W). A power generator with a high battery capacity (mAh/Wh) will allow you to run your devices for a longer time.

An average power station with 300W of power and 90000 mAh or higher battery capacity, will cost you an average of Rm1,200 or more. The good news is that the Vanpa 300W will cost you less than half of that.

The Vanpa power station has a very sleek and compact size, allowing it to fit in most tight spaces. Its dimensions are 280 x 65 x 200mm. Charging can be done via a wall charger, car outlet port or by solar panels.

This works well with the portable fridge freezer.

The final item you will need that complements the first two items, is a 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger.

Foldable 100W Solar Panel

This solar panel has been customized for the Vanpa Power Station. It has a built-in controller so that there is no need to get a separate PWM or MPPT controller. The unit is foldable with a carrying handle for portability. Its dimensions are 53 x 70cm when opened.
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